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AM Report for Rens Houben <shadur@systemec.nl>

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pub  1024D/F02317F8 2001-10-08 Rens Houben <shadur@systemec.nl>
sig!       969457F0 2001-10-29  Joost van Baal <joostvb@mdcc.cx>
sub  1024g/406C4FED 2001-10-08
sig!       F02317F8 2001-10-08  Rens Houben <shadur@systemec.nl>

I confirmed that Joost's key is on the keyring.
Identity passed.

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Rens writes:

 Well, IRL I'm a college CS dropout who exited when he found out he was
 learning more using linux and the 'net than he did in college. Took a
 part-time job debugging a C++ program originally written by someone whose 
 main expertise was, apparently, basic. That taught me the value of readable
 programming pretty fast.

He installed Linux shortly before the release of Redhat 5.2.
Frustrated with limitations in RPM, he started using Debian shortly
after getting real bandwith.   He continues:

As to why I want to volunteer my time... Well, basically nearly all I've
learned and done has been thanks to open source projects. It's because of
linux, debian and a large portion of what gets referred to as 'the Open
Source Community' that I'm currently employed -- I've benefited greatly,
and I've wanted to give something back for years now... And now I finally
have something tangible to give back. That's basically it.

Philosophy & Procedures
- -----------------------

Rens agreed to uphold the social contract in his work and to follow
the DMUP.  He demonstrated knowledge of p&p by answering questions.

Tasks & Skills
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His advocate, Stephen Stafford  writes:

   He worked with Danny Stone initially on trafstats (a package 
   which I will sponsor for him) and the package was very well done.  By 
   the time I looked at it there were only a couple of very minor niggles 
   (aesthetic rather than substantive) which he changed promptly.

I also looked at trafstats, which is now sitting in the upload queue
on pandora.  It is a fairly ambitious first package, requiring a fair
bit of Debconf interaction and working with Postgres.  It was well
done; there were a few problems with some of the more tricky bits of
configuration, but we discussed these and it was clear that Rens
understood my concern, came up with a fix and was going to implement
the fix.


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I recommend Rens Houben be accepted as a Debian developer.

Debian login: shadur
Forwarding email: shadur@systemec.nl

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