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AM report for Wilmer van der Gaast

Summary for Wilmer van der Gaast <lintux@lintux.cx>


Quoting Wilmer himself:

> Well, the programming story for me started about ten years ago, and
> the Linux story about four years ago, when a cousin told me about
> it. As soon as I got a 386 capable of running it, I started using it
> and since then I just never stopped. The difference between then and
> now is that I use it for almost everything now, and those days it
> was just a very interesting experiment.
> Now that my C coding skills are more and more improving, free
> software is starting to be more interesting for me too, because I
> can actually understand the code. :)


Wilmer's key is signed by Remco van de Meent <remco@debian.org>:

pub  1024D/E3304051 2001-05-21 Wilmer van der Gaast <lintux@lintux.cx>
sig!       E3304051 2001-05-21  Wilmer van der Gaast <lintux@lintux.cx>
sig!       BCC131DE 2001-06-12  Remco van de Meent <remco@oloon.student.utwente.nl>
sub  1024g/33E446DC 2001-05-21
sig!       E3304051 2001-05-21  Wilmer van der Gaast <lintux@lintux.cx>

Philosophy & Procedures

Wilmer understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it, he could
answer my questions about some licensing problems, NMUs, ways of
handling the BTS and more.

Tasks & Skills

He packaged Axel, a download accelerator, which is already in Debian
for some time. He also packaged nm-notify, which I will upload soon
(in the meantime, his package can be found at

I am pleased with his packaging, both packages were well done.


I recommend that Wilmer be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: lintux
Forwarding email: lintux@lintux.cx

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