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Re: AM Report for Joerg Wendland

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 10:38:09PM +0200, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> 4. Tasks & Skills
> -----------------
> [...]
> He also adopted ulogd, and fixed some problems in the package.

I'm the former maintainer of ulogd, and I've just done a diff of his
package against mine (yeah, the only complaint is about the verbosity of
the changelog entries), and it's quite well done. It does a few things A
Better Way(tm), and fixes some very long-standing lintian warnings that
I was unable to get rid of.

IMHO, based on his work with ulogd, his technical ability is very sound.
He also mailed me before he adopted ulogd, asking would that be OK, what
should he do, did I have anything in the pipeline, etc. That was pretty
exceptional; it didn't happen for any of my other packages.

So yeah, very good technical ability, and excellent P&P (or so) to
contact me when adopting. He also contacted upstream, so hopefully they
will enjoy as good a working relationship as we did. And Joerg's German,
so there goes the language barrier (many a thread was spent clearing up
misunderstandings ;).

> T&P passed.

Um, what's T&P? :P

> Summary
> -------
> I recommend that Joerg is accepted into Debian.

"metoo"! :)


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