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AM report for Shell Hin-lik Hung

Summary Report for Shell Hin-lik Hung


Shell can be quoted saying:
I am now 20 years old, and living in HongKong. I am a OpenBSD committer,
execute committee in HongKong Linux User Group, also a Debian/HK member,
the most reason or works I intend to do for Debian is i18n and the bug
report system.


GnuPG Key signed and validated by Anthony Fok <foka@debian.org>

	pub  1024D/2366D95E 2001-05-10 Shell Hung <shell@debian.org.hk>
	uid                            Shell Hung <shell@shellhung.org>
	uid                            Shell Hung <shell@openbsd.org>
	uid                            Shell Hung <shell@linux.org.hk>
	uid                            Shell Hung <shell@linux-hall.com>

He also provided a scanned image of himself (which was not necessary)

Philosophy & Procedures

Shell understands the Debian Philosophy and agrees with it. He was able
to answer all my questions with only a few hints towards the specifics
I was aiming at, though this was due to a small grammar barrier.
He understands and was able to point out key facts pertaining to NMU's,
bugs, license issues, and other details quite well.

Tasks & Skills

Shell has been maintaining libcgi-application-perl
	libcgi-application-perl - Framework for building reusable web-applications
which is already packaged into Debian. The package was well put together
and only had one lintian "Warning" which was a new check in the latter
versions of lintian, which of course he was able to point out and state
a fix.
As far as his ability to translate English to Chinese, I have no doubt about
his skills since he was able to speak English quite well and Chinese is his
native language. ;)


I am recommending that Shell Hin-lik Hung be accepted as a Debian
maintainer and believe he will make a great addition to the project.

Debian Login: shell
Forwarding Email: shell@shellhung.org

     : :' :        Brandon L. Griffith  <brandon@debian.org>
     `. `'         http://people.debian.org/~brandon/
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