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AM Report for Joerg Wendland


Joerg is a 23 year old student of computer science, studying at the
University of Ulm, Germany. Besides studying, he works as a systems
administrator and programmer for a local ISP in Ulm.
After some tries at SuSE, he installed Slink and fell in love. He used
Debian a lot, but he mainly worked with Windows NT. Two years ago he was
employed at the ISP, and now he maintains about 50 machines which run
Debian GNU/Linux. Then, Loki released Unreal Tournament for Linux and
that day was horrible for any Windows partition in his machines.
He has several projects in mind, including the creation of CD-boot
Debian-based firewall systems.

2. Identification
Joerg's key is signed by Michael Fedrowitz
pub  1024D/51CF8417 2000-07-26 Joerg Wendland, Scan Plus GmbH (work) <wendland@scan-plus.de>
sig!       51CF8417 2000-11-22  Joerg Wendland, Scan Plus GmbH (work) <wendland@scan-plus.de>
sig!       04604EB8 2001-09-13  Michael Fedrowitz <michaelf@debian.org>

Identification passed.

3. Philosophy & Procedures
Joerg showed good understanding of our Social Contract and DFSG and
could answer some questions about licensing correctly. He showed good
understanding of common procedures like BTS usage, NMUing, etc.

P&P passed.

4. Tasks & Skills
Joerg packaged libnss-pgsql, a postgresql nss module for which he is the
upstream author.
The package was well done, and I only had to point out some small
problems. The only outstanding thing was the lack of some entries in his
debian/changelogs, which he agreed to do more verbose in his following
He also adopted ulogd, and fixed some problems in the package.

T&P passed.

I recommend that Joerg is accepted into Debian.

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