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AM report for Frank Kirschner

Summary for Frank Kirschner <frank@kirschnet.de>


Frank writes about himself:

I am working on UNIX-Systems since ten years now and on Linux since eight
years. I am studying Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart

Since about one year I am working in my own company (trustsec) which I
founded with some other guys.

I am working right now for the linux/s390 port of Debian and help to get
the installer running, debug and test packages and do some linux/s390


GPG key signed by Debian developers Stefan Gybas and Gerhard Tonn:

uid                            Frank Kirschner (Freaky) <frank@kirschnet.de>
sig!       DAEB246B 2000-08-23  Stefan Gybas <stefan.gybas@trustsec.de>
sig!       73F8B9D5 2001-08-14  Frank 'Freaky' Kirschner <frank@kirschnet.de>
sig!       8FEC1D34 2001-07-24  Dirk W. Heckmann <heckmann@trustsec.de>
sig!       5A5331CA 2001-03-05  Frank R. G. Petzold <fpe@zurich.ibm.com>
sig!       20BEF5C4 1999-11-15  Frank Kirschner <kirschner@trustsec.de>
sig!       32D75812 2001-07-06  Gerhard Tonn <gt@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures

Frank understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it. He answered
my questions about NMUs, handling bugs, licenses and other things to
my satisfaction.

Tasks & Skills

Frank is a member of the s/390 porting team, so it would have been
pretty hard for me to judge his skills. Fortunately, he proposed to
package ldmud, which I could check, and found it to be well done.


I recommend that Frank be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: kirfrank
Forwarding email: frank@kirschnet.de

Gergely Nagy \ mhp/|8]

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