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AM report for Salvador Abreu

Summary for Salvador Abreu <spa@di.uevora.pt>


Salvador writes about himself:

Well, I'm not exactly very young (40), and I've been into computers
since I was about 17.

As I previously mentioned, I'm associate professor at Universidade de
Évora, which is a small-to-medium size university in inland Portugal
(120Km east of Lisbon).  I'm one of the initial group that started the
Informatics Engineering program here, in 1995.  I've held several
positions related to computing at the University such as Head of
Computing Services and later Pro-Rector for Information Technologies. 
I've been recently been elected Head of the Informatics Department for
the period 2002-2004.


GPG key signed by Jaime E. Villate <villate@gnu.org>

pub  1024D/95A4F1D6 2001-09-04 Salvador Abreu <spa@di.uevora.pt>
sig!       95A4F1D6 2001-09-04  Salvador Abreu <spa@di.uevora.pt>
sig?       704B6CE4 2001-09-05  
sig!       18EA3457 2001-09-05  Rogerio Reis <rvr@ncc.up.pt>
sig!       BC936839 2001-09-17  Jaime E. Villate <villate@gnu.org>
sub  1024g/A29E053B 2001-09-04
sig!       95A4F1D6 2001-09-04  Salvador Abreu <spa@di.uevora.pt>

Philosophy & Procedures

Salvador understands Debian's philosophy and agrees with it. He could
answer all of my questions (about NMUs, bugs, licenses and other
things) perfectly well.

Tasks & Skills

Salvador took over gprolog from Milan Zamazal <pdm@debian.org>, and
redid the packaging completely. He left some minor bugs, but he fixed
them shortly after I noticed them.

I am very satisfied with gprolog.


I recommend that Salvador be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Debian login: spa
Forwarding email: spa@di.uevora.pt 
Gergely Nagy \ mhp/|8]

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