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AM report for Thom May

AM report on Thom May


I recommend that Thom becomes a Debian developer.

Applicant info:

Name:	         Thom May
Current email:   thom@planetarytramp.net
Preferred email: thom@debian.org
                 (to be forwarded to thom@planetarytramp.net)


Thom provided me with the following gpg key:

pub  1024D/13046155 2000-10-08 Thom May <thom@planetarytramp.net>
sig        13046155 2000-10-08  Thom May <thom@planetarytramp.net>
sig        E67F5DDA 2001-01-22  Ben Bell <bjb@deus.net>
sub  1024g/C0B77EEF 2000-10-08
sig        13046155 2000-10-08  Thom May <thom@planetarytramp.net>

It is signed by Ben Bell <bjb@debian.org>. 

Identification check passed.

Policy and procedures:

Thom explicitly agreed to follow the Social Contract and the DFSG in his
Debian related work. I asked him some question to make sure he
understands what those docs are about. He answered these questions to my
satisfaction. (see attached mail).

Policy and procedures check passed.

Tasks and Skills:

Thom wrote me:

  I have put up my intent to adopt Cocoon, which is a java servlet based
  XML render and server. The current version in Debian is a year out of
  date and in serious need of a fix up.  I am also building packages for
  Phluid, which is a window manager, and mod-virgule, which is the
  advogato.org engine. I'm also interested in getting involved with the
  documentation for debian.

He had the package for phluid ready, and I checked it. It looked OK,
although there were some small lintian errors, which he swiftly
corrected on my request.

Tasks and skills check passed.

Kind regards,
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