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AM report for Cord Beermann

Summary for Cord Beermann <debian@cord.de>


Cord's GPG key is signed by Debian developer Florian Lohoff

Philosophy & Procedures

Cord summarized Debian's philosophy, knew about Debian specific
licenses, main and non-free, the DMUP, NMUs, the BTS, and

Tasks & Skills

Cord wants to help on the Hurd port and took over the maintainance of
the jove package.  He has already made jove work on the Hurd and made
some other improvements.  However, there was a serious build problem
in the package, but Cord fixed it within a couple of hours after I
filed a bug (and he is now waiting for his sponsor to upload the fixed


I recommend that Cord be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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