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AM report for Chris Hanson

Summary for Chris Hanson <cph@zurich.ai.mit.edu>


pub  1024D/1B352C01 1998-09-13 Chris Hanson <cph@zurich.ai.mit.edu>
sig        C0033D7A 2001-01-10  Mikael Djurfeldt <djurfeldt@nada.kth.se>

Philosophy & Procedures

Chris has been writing free software for about 20 years, often
working with RMS.  Quite obviously, he believes in the principles
underlying the Debian Social Contract.

Tasks & Skills

Chris has packaged "tpconfig" and "ob6000-net", two fine packages.
He will probably package MIT Scheme as well, and he's certainly one
of the most qualified people to do so.


I recommend that Chris be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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