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AM report for Paul Hedderly

Summary for Paul Hedderly <paul@mjr.org>


I met Paul in real life, verified his identity and signed his key.

pub  1024D/436337DD 2000-06-26 Paul Robert Hedderly (DH/DSS) <bungle@mjr.org>
sig        68FD549F 2000-11-17  Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com>

Philosophy & Procedures

We had quite a long discussion about Debian, Linux, free software and
related topics and I can say that Paul grasps the philosophy behind
free software and Debian.  He has explicitly agreed to the SC and the
DFSG.  We have also discussed Debian procedures, and he knows how
it works.

Tasks & Skills

Before we met, Paul sent me his package of 'motion' ('V4L Capture Program
supporting Movement Detection').  He has done some Debian packages for
internal use, and wants to upload some to woody.  The package installed
the man page in the wrong directory, the README.Debian had a pointer to
a wrong directory and one package was missing from Build-Depends.  I
pointed these errors out to Paul and he has corrected them before we met.
When we met, I talked about the package some more, and I have the
impression that he has the qualifications to become a Debian developer.
Apart from packaging applications, Paul possibily wants to help with
the ARM port (Paul used to do ARM assembly programming).


I recommend that Paul be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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