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I put some people on hold

Although the 'Note for AMs' doesn't say it's necessary, some AM post
'on hold' messages to this list.  So I thought I'd post a list of
people I put on hold over the last couple of weeks.  The date when
I put them on hold and the reason why can be accessed through
nm.debian.org (Yes, I _do_ turn people down).

   I P H Teun Vink <teun@moonblade.net>              (tbm)
       H Tom Musgrove <TomM@pentstar.com>            (tbm)
       H J. Grant Schofield <bingeldac@bakankin.com> (tbm)
       H Manfred Morgner <manfred@morgner.com>       (tbm)
       H François-Xavier Houard <IdeFX@Iname.com>    (tbm)
       H Niklas Olmes <Niklas.Olmes@gmx.de>          (tbm)
       H Scott Barnes <reeve@ductape.net>            (tbm)

Martin Michlmayr

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