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AM report for Mike Coleman

Summary for Mike Coleman <mkc@users.sourceforge.net>


Since no Debian developers were close to Mike, I accepted his passport.
Furthermore, Mike already was a Debian developer in 1996 and his new
GPG key is signed by the PGP key he used for his Debian duties in 1996.

Philosophy & Procedures

Mike understands and agrees with the SC and the DFSG.  He knows about
main vs non-free, the TeX license and NMUs.  Since he was a Debian
developer before, he also knows the procedures very well -- he also
knows about the things which changed since 1996.

Tasks & Skills

Mike used to be the original packager for 'nn'.  He has now prepared
a package of SUBTERFUGUE.  The package was lintian clean and didn't
have any obvious problems.


I recommend that Mike be accepted as a Debian maintainer.  Welcome

Martin Michlmayr

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