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Re: Details for taking a break

This was originally posted to debian-newmaint-discuss. I bring it back to
-admin so all the AMs can see it. As -admin is CC'd to -discuss this will
not "break" the tread there, and both sets of subscribers can follow the

My comments on this posting continue below:

On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> >...
> > We are obviously doing very well at the overall process, as I now have the
> > time to worry about these details. There is currently a defacto race going
> > on between Craig (csmall) and Martin (tbm) to see who can process the most
> > applications. Martin got started later than Craig, but is banging out the
> > applicants at a pretty good clip and may shortly take the lead. Several
> > others are close behind. If you want to speed up your processing of
> > applications, you might contact these "high producers" for some tips on
> > how they manage their applicants.
> >...
> I have a problem with "high producers" of new maintainers. I think it's
> important that we AMs know every applicant we have and I prefer knowing
> an applicant will be a good maintainer over processing as many maintainers
> as possible.

I don't see any conflict between high production and knowledge of the
applicant. Every AM is in a different position with respect to available
time, communication skills, and organizational abilities. Some of us do
parallel processing better than others. There is no better proof of this
skill diversity than an quick look at the leaderboard.

Whether you are processing many applicants or only a few, rappidly or
slowly, every contribution is valuable to the effort and should never be
made into a small thing.

Getting to know your applicant is one way of getting an idea of their
suitability as a developer, but keep in mind that in the final analysis
that decission rests with the DAM, making our primary responsibility the
collection of the information that the DAM needs to make this
decission. Satifying this requirement is not technically a time
constrained process.


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