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Re: AM report for Viral Shah

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 12:01:33PM +0100, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> AM report on Viral Shah
> ===========================
> Applicant info:
> ---------------
> Name:	         Viral Shah
> Current email:   viral@seul.org
> Preferred email: viral@debian.org
>                  (to be forwarded to gandalf@infofin.com)
> Phone number:	 [snip]
>                  (only at evenings in India: IST=GMT+5.5)

This is archived list (-discuss publicly too). Let's leave out
private information like phone number and passport photos to
the email sent to da-manager and frontdesk people please.

> Identification:
> ---------------
> Viral provided me with the following gpg key:
> pub  1024D/6E25E283 2000-10-20 Viral <viral@seul.org>
> sub  1024g/D409CE95 2000-10-20
> He could not get it signed (there are no developers in India yet), so he
> sent me a scan of his passport (see attached).

Two Possibilities when I passed through India a while back are:

sig       5606B2B1             Arun Krishnaswamy <kar@giasmda.vsnl.net.in>
sig       99DBC4F5             Udhay Shankar N <udhay@pobox.com>

Udhay is located in Bangalore, Arun is either in Mumbai or Chennai
he tends to move a bit.

Neither are developers but both are avid users.


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