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AM report for Viral Shah

AM report on Viral Shah

First intro mail: 20-10-2000
First Contact:    21-10-2000
ID check:         06-11-2000
P&P check:        01-11-2000
T&S check:        10-11-2000
Finished:         10-11-2000


I recommend that Viral becomes a Debian developer.

Applicant info:

Name:	         Viral Shah
Current email:   viral@seul.org
Preferred email: viral@debian.org
                 (to be forwarded to gandalf@infofin.com)
Phone number:	 +91-22-2812194 or +91-22-2814779 
                 (only at evenings in India: IST=GMT+5.5)


Viral provided me with the following gpg key:

pub  1024D/6E25E283 2000-10-20 Viral <viral@seul.org>
sub  1024g/D409CE95 2000-10-20

He could not get it signed (there are no developers in India yet), so he
sent me a scan of his passport (see attached).

Identification check passed.

Policy and procedures:

Viral explicitly agrees to follow the DSG and the DFSG in all his Debian
related work. I asked him some questions about those documents and in
his answers he showed a thorough understanding of the main points. (see
also attached mail).

Policy and procedures check passed.

Tasks and Skills:

Viral wrote me:

 | There's a lot of stuff for Clusters that not already packaged for
 | various reasons. I have access to a cluster here, and want package
 | various clustering software for debian. For instance, mosix and
 | generally work  towards a cool debian-beowulf.

 | I intend to package any already unpackaged GA (Genetic Algorithms)
 | software around, as I'm currently working on them.
 | There's a statistics library we're working on geared for use by
 | economists, libans, which we will release as soon as some basic stuff is
 | in place.
 | I'm also going to be developing a scalable Trading System soon, which
 | will be (or at least try to be) as good as the ones out there. As and
 | when code comes out, I intend to release it through debian.
 | Apart from that, there are various algorithms that I code for various
 | projects, which I'd like to make available as open source through
 | suitable packaging.

He had already finished a package (libans0). I checked it, and except
for some minor glitches, it lookes ok.

Tasks and skills check passed.

Kind regards,
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