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AM report for Chris Ruffin

Summary for Chris Ruffin <c.ruffin@ieee.org>


Chris' GnuPG key is signed by Debian developers Bob and Kirk

pub  1024D/D8DB2B9B 2000-10-14 Chris Ruffin <c.ruffin@ieee.org>
sig        385A3EC1 2000-11-08  Kirk Hilliard <kirk@debian.org>
sig        390D6559 2000-11-08  Robert D. Hilliard <hilliard@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures

Chris volunteers for Debian because he thinks that it's the best
distribution and he wants to help making it even better.  He
summarized the Social Contract and the DFSG in his own words and
agrees with them.  Chris answered my questions on TeX, Pine and
Debian specific licenses correctly.  Also, he knows how NMUs work.

Tasks & Skills

Chris packaged 'electric' ('electrical CAD system').  Some changes
Chris made to upstream were not listed in the changelog, the
Build-Depends line was missing ('debhelper, lesstif-dev' is needed)
and the copyright didn't include a pointer to the GPL.  Chris is aware
of these problems and will fix them soon (certainly before uploading
the package).


I recommend that Chris be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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