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AM Final report for Shaul Karl

Report for new developer applicant: Shaul Karl

I'm happy to report that Shaul Karl has satisfied the requirements
for the application to become a Debian maintainer. A summary of the
completed NM steps follows.


The applicant has sent the following GPG key:

pub  1024D/FD3C916B 2000-02-05 Shaul Karl
uid                            Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net>
sub  1024g/D6BB0DDF 2000-02-05

Furthermore, he has provided a scanned copy of his driver's license which
is signed by the above key. Telephone contact information will be
forwarded in the final report to the DAM, so that the applicant can be
contacted if there is any need for further identification. 

Philosophy and Procedures

The applicant has read the DFSG and the Social Contract, and has shown that he
understands the basic issues behind the DFSG. He has also shown familiarity
with Debian procedures.

Tasks and Skills

The applicant is currently maintaining the TkMan package through a Debian
sponsor (Rick Younie <younie@home.com>), is proficient in C, and intends to be
involved in i18n matters (specializing in Hebrew). He has shown competence in
using the BTS, fixing bugs, etc..


The applicant has shown competency and interest in contributing to Debian;
hence, I highly recommend him as a new Debian maintainer.


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