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AM Report for Colin Mattson

AM Report for Colin Mattson

Applicant Information:

Name: Colin Mattson
Current Email: colol@ionet.net
Preferred Debian Account Name: colol@debian.org
Debian-private subscription: To colol@debian.org

Summary: I am happy to recommend the acceptance of Colin Mattson as
a Debian Maintainer.


Colin provided the following GPG key (attached):

pub  1024D/51887E65 2000-09-17 Colin Mattson <colol@ionet.net>
sig        51887E65 2000-09-17  Colin Mattson <colol@ionet.net>
sig        F00C8C06 2000-09-17  [User id not found]
sub  1024g/34DF8EB7 2000-09-17
sig        51887E65 2000-09-17  Colin Mattson <colol@ionet.net>

It is not signed by any debian developer. However, he sent me a
scanned photo ID signed with his GPG key.

Identification Check Passed

Policy and Procedures

Colin agrees with the Social Contract and the DFSG. He also has read
and agrees to abide by the DMUP. Over the exchange of a couple of
emails, he demonstrated to me that he understands the DFSG, and that
he is aware of the responsibilities of a debian maintainer. His
answers to my questions on copyrights and licenses convinces me that
he knows what is "free" and "non-free".

Policy and Procedures Check Passed

Tasks and Skills

Colin has already packaged lopster (a napster client using the GTK
UI). He said he would be interested in writing/proofreading/editing
documentation as well. I took a look at his lopster package. It was
okay except for the lack of build-depends, which he fixed subsequently
when I pointed it out to him. I think Colin will be a good addition to
the debian developer community.

Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org> <gopal@astro.umass.edu>
Debian GNU/Linux Developer
Dept. of Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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