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Final Report: Brandon L. Griffith

Final Report on Brandon L. Griffith to the NM committee
by Ralf Treinen <treinen@debian.org>


Brandon provided a scan of his drivers licence and his (hand-written)
signature, and signed this scan with his pgp key.

ID passed.

Policy and Procedures

Brandon knows our principles and can explain them in his own words. I
showed him the case of a software that I was packaging myself at that
time and that had a serious copyright problem (mona - by the time of
this writing upstream has solved the problem). Brandon correctly
identified the problem and showed a good understanding of how to
proceed in such a case. On my request he has made he follwoing

  I agre to the Debian Social Contract and the Debian guidelines for
  Free Software found therein.  As stated currently at
  http://www.debian.org/social_contract, as well as to agree to any
  revisions to this contract in the future.

P&P pased.

Tasks and Skills

Bradon has build packages of wmsysmon and openverse (he is one of the
upstream developers of openverse) In the beginning I had to mentor
Brandon a bit since his first packages had many flaws. When pointed to
the documentation he resolved the problems quickly and produced
lintian clean packages. I think that he has the necessary skills to
becomea debian package maintainer.

Furthermore he mentioned that he would be interested in becoming a
Application Manager.

T&S passed.

Evaluation and Check In
Brandon seems to be highly motivated. I would appreciate to have him
on board. He states:

  I have read the guidelines stated on http://www.debian.org/devel/dmup
  pertaining to the proper policies and procedures when accessing/using a
  debian controlled host and swear to uphold these rules/regulations to my
  greatest ability.

Preferred login: brandon
Forward mail to: project7@linuxave.net

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