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AM report for Aigars Mahinovs

Summary for Aigars Mahinovs <aigarius@mail.lv>


Aigars lives in Latvia where there are no other Debian developers.
Thus, he scanned his passport and sent me a signed copy.

Philosophy & Procedures

Aigars has read, understands and agrees with the Social Contract,
the DFSG and the DMUP.  He knows the differene between main, contrib
and non-free as well as the difference between free beer and free
speech (and that Debian is about free speech).  Furthermore, he
has done much Linux advocacy in Latvia, even writing 4 articles
for the local computer press (Two of them are published in 'Digital
Times' at http://www.times.lv).

Tasks & Skills

For Debian, Aigars intents to package and maintain applications for
support of Russian and Latvian.  Additionally, he wants to
translate some applications to Latvian (especially installation
programs and guides).  Aigars has sent me his Debian package of
're' (Russian Anywhere -- russian text converter).  The package
didn't contain any errors at all.  Since the upstream release
was lacking a man page, Aigars wrote one which he will forward
to upstream.


I recommend that Aigars be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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