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AM report for Ola Lundqvist

Report for new developer applicant: Ola Lundqvist

I'm happy to report that Ola Lundqvist has satisfied the requirements
for the application to become a Debian maintainer. A summary of the
completed NM steps follows.


The applicant has sent a GPG key which is signed by a current Debian
developer, Björn Brenander <bjorn@brenander.pp.se>. The GPG fingerprint

pub  1024D/0FE53DD9 2000-07-07 Ola Lundqvist <opal@lysator.liu.se>
     Key fingerprint = 7090 A92B 18FE 7994 0C36  4FE4 18A1 B1CF 0FE5 3DD9
uid                            Ola Lundqvist (OpaL) <opal@lysator.liu.se>
uid                            Ola Lundqvist <olalu526@student.liu.se>
uid                            Ola Lundkvist <olalu526@student.liu.se>
uid                            Ola Lundqvist <ola.lundqvist@euronetics.se>
uid                            Ola Lundqvist <opal@debian.org>
uid                            Ola Lundqvist <olalu@euronetics.se>
sub  2048g/6F96F378 2000-07-07

Because the key has been signed by a Debian developer, no photo ID is
needed, although the applicant did provide a scanned photograph signed
by his key.

Philosophy and Procedures

The applicant has declared that he agrees with the Social Contract
and the DFSG:

I have now reread this social contract and I do absoulutely agree with all
of it. So: "I agree to the the procedures and philosophies outlined in the
social contract at http://www.debian.org/social_contract.";.

Upon request for further elaboration, he has responded with:

Ok... Hmm well I'll make it more clear what I have andurstood :)

* Debian is and will always be free software (like GNU, BSD, etc), and
no complaining about commersially systems based on debian.
* No problems will be hidden, and prioritate the users.
* Programs that do not fulfill this (licensing issues) goes to non-free or
contrib sections.

And I'm absolutely confident with it ! :)

Tasks and Skills

The applicant has already created Debian packages for the following
programs: mcal, Webmin, vncprobe, vncgdmscreen, ssh-authorize, orm,
omt, omlcs, opalmod, oamg, rensa. Some of these programs are written
by him, and some are modified from the original upstream source.

Through our email correspondence, a few Debian-specific things such
as the details of using the bug tracking system has been worked out.
The applicant also shows a clear interest in contributing to Debian,
and has offered to help with the translation of the WWW pages to

Requested Login name / Email

Login name:		opal@debian.org
Forwarding address:	opal@lysator.liu.se

Contact Information:


The applicant has shown an active interest in contributing to Debian and
a willingness to learn Debian's procedures and methods. Furthermore, he
shows extensive programming experience. Hence, I highly recommend him as
a new Debian maintainer.


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