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Final Report on Dave Baker

Final Report for Dave Baker <dave@dsb3.com>

Dave Baker has completed the new-maintainer checklist to my
satisfaction. I recommend that he be accepted as a Debian developer.

      First name: Dave
       Last name: Baker
  Current e-mail: <dave@dsb3.com>
  Desired e-mail: <dsb3@debian.org>, forwarded to <dave@dsb3.com>

GPG Key:

   The GPG public key Dave provided is attatched to this report,
   and bears the following ID and Fingerprint:

   pub  1024D/D7BCA55D 1998-09-07 Dave Baker <dave@dsb3.com>
   Key fingerprint = 09CD D148 57DE 711E 6708  B772 0DD4 51D5 D7BC A55D
   uid  Dave Baker <dsb3@earthlink.net>
   sub  4096g/9C006BBA 1998-09-07

   The key bears no signatures by Developers.


   Dave has provided a photo ID, signed by the GPG key
   that is attatched to this report.
   Dave recived third-party ID verification from:
   Janine Roe <mjroe@bellatlantic.net>

Philosophy and Procedures

   Dave is well versed in the philosophy of the Free Software community.
   He agrees with the DSC and DSFG by default. :^)
   He knows where to find Debian info, and is well versed in our policies.

Tasks and Skills

   Dave plans to maintain several packages for Debian. The software
   he plans to package is his own, initially. :^)

   The software he plans to package for Debian is not yet ready for
   release, he says, because the NM queue moved faster than he planned
   for. He applied early so that by the time he got accepted, his
   software would be ready. We fooled him. ;^>

   Anyway, he (very quickly... about 15 mins) built a lintian-clean
   package of one of his programs for me to examine. I checked it
   out, and it build cleanly on my Woody boxen.

Evaluation and Check-in

   Dave will make an excellent contributor to the Project.
   He should be admitted without delay. :^)

/ Clay Crouch, UNIX Weenie ;^>     | <danno@danno.tzo.com>           \
| Debian Package Maintainer        | <danno@debian.org>              |
|    "Away put your weapon; I mean you no harm." -- Master Yoda      |
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