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AM Report on Paul van Tilburg

AM's Final Report for Paul van Tilburg <paul@luon.net>

Paul van Tilburg has completed the new-maintainer checklist to my
satisfaction.  I recommend that he be accepted as a Debian developer.

        First name: Paul
         Last name: van Tilburg
    Current e-mail: paul@luon.net
    Desired e-mail: paulvt@debian.org, forwarded to paul@luon.net 
                                       (or paulvt@debian.org)


Paul has provided a following gpg public key.

pub  1024D/50064181 1999-09-26 Paul van Tilburg <paul@donald-duck.ele.tue.nl>
sig!       50064181 1999-09-27  Paul van Tilburg <paul@donald-duck.ele.tue.nl>
sig?       4DA95DCF 1999-09-27
sig!       42CFFE4B 2000-04-30  Ruud de Rooij <ruud@debian.org>
uid                            Paul van Tilburg <paul@luon.net>
sig!       50064181 2000-05-10  Paul van Tilburg <paul@donald-duck.ele.tue.nl>
sub  1024g/6AE3F608 1999-09-26
sig!       50064181 1999-09-26  Paul van Tilburg <paul@donald-duck.ele.tue.nl>

His gpg public key is signed by Ruud de Rooij <ruud@debian.org>
so he has passed the identification check.

Philosophy and Procedures

Paul explicitly agreed the Debian Social Contract and understand
Debian Free Software Guidelines.  He is already packaging some
free software on his site, and asking sponsor on debian-mentors.
He also shows good understanding about free software licenses.
So I believe he has passed philosophy and procedures check.

Tasks and Skills

I got his package from his site, and checked it.  His packages are
almost lintian clean, one lintian warning is
W: checkservice: perl-script-uses-unknown-module ./usr/lib/checkservice/check/ldap.plugin use Net::LDAP
but checkservice depends on libnet-ldap-perl which provides Net::LDAP,
so this is lintian bug, not his packaging bug.
I think he's good skill to package free software.

Evaluation and Check-in

I believe that Paul will be a valuable contribution to the Debian
family.  He would be a good package maintainer.
I hereby recommend Paul be accepted as an official Debian maintainer.

Regarding e-mail arrangements, please setup the following:

   paulvt@debian.org forwarded to paul@luon.net
   with a debian-private subscription for paul@luon.net (or paulvt@debian.org)

Thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely,
Fumitoshi UKAI
Application Manager for Paul van Tilburg

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