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AM report for Marek Habersack

Report for new developer applicant: Marek Habersack

I'm happy to report that Marek Habersack has satisfied the requirements
for the application to become a Debian maintainer. A summary of the
completed NM steps follows.


The applicant has provided a GPG public key, as well as a scanned image
of his passport signed by this key. Here is the fingerprint of the key:

pub  1024D/621FE6EA 1999-07-30 Marek Habersack <grendel@vip.net.pl>
     Key fingerprint = 0F0B 21EE 7145 AA2A 3BF6  6D29 AB7F 74F4 621F E6EA
uid                            Marek Habersack <grendel@caudium.net>
uid                            Marek Habersack <grendel@caudium.org>
sub  1024g/27556F8A 1999-07-30

The GPG public key is attached as the file "public-key.gpg"; the
scanned passport signed by this key, is attached as the file

Philosophy and Procedures

The applicant has agreed to the Social Contract and the DFSG. Here is the
relevant section from his email reply:

----- DECLARATION ------
I, Marek Habersack, declare hereby that I agree with all points of both the
Debian Social Contract and Debian Free Software Guidelines in faith that
they are a fair means for popularization, spreading, evolution and
development of software of any kind and for any purpose. I hereby declare to
abide by the rules stated in both of the above documents.

The applicant is currently involved in the Caudium project which is
licensed under the GPL; so I feel confident that he understands the
goals and procedures of the Debian project.

In addition, the applicant has shown an active interest in the Debian
project. He is subscribed to all the mailing lists recommended for
developers, and shows an active interest in threads such as the one
discussing the removal of non-free.

Tasks and Skills

The applicant has already created two packages:
- pike7 cvs snapshots
- Caudium Webserver

Both of which are available at:

In addition, he intends to maintain the CenterICQ package. In our email
conversation, he shows that he has the necessary skills required to
create and maintain Debian packages. Also, he intends to help with
translation projects in Debian as much as time contraints would allow

Requested Login name / Email

Preferred Login name:	grendel@debian.org
	(2nd choice if "grendel" is taken: gryndel
	 last resort:                      beowulf
Forward emails to:	grendel@vip.net.pl

Phone contact information

Cellular: +48604893925
Work: +48618537818 (every day since 4p.m. CEST till 10p.m. CEST except
Sundays, of course :))


The applicant has shown an acquiantance with Debian procedures and
impressive skills/experience with programming and creating Debian
packages; hence, I feel confident to recommend him as a new Debian


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