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AM Report for Adrian Bunk

NM Crew:

I'm happy to report that Adrian Bunk has satisfied the maintainership
application requirements such that this report can be forwarded to the
Front Desk.


Adrian has provided a scanned copy of his ID card that has been signed
with his GPG key.  His key has, in turn, been signed by Oliver Bolzer,
whose key is part of the Debian keyring.  Adrian's key fingerprint is:

pub  1024D/6A40C91E 2000-08-20 Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de>
     Key fingerprint = F75E D0E1 9C36 A0E9 BECC  331B 5653 5829 6A40 C91E
sub  2048g/66774AB6 2000-08-20 [expires: 2001-02-16]


Adrian and I have chatted on several occasions about working with
Debian.  I feel certain that he has a good understanding of the
procedures, goals, and policies of the project, and a good attitude about
contibuting to it on an ongoing basis.


Adrian has been doing some top-notch work for the Debian QA team fixing
bugs in numerous packages (I've lost count, but my guess is at least 15
different packages).  He is familiar with the tools and comfortable with
the BTS.


I whole-heartedly recommend Adrian's application for maintainership.

tony mancill

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