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New developers -> new AMs

As you may or may not know, after a conversation with Dale, I emailed
all of the maintainers who have been accepted through the new NM
process, inviting them to take on the role of an AM to see through a
couple of applicants, so that we can clear the backlog.

After a discussion with Rick Younie, we have concluded that it would
be very worthwhile to explain to your successful applicants that the
reason for the long delay was that there is a large backlog and not
enough AMs to clear it, and that it would be really helpful and useful
if the first thing they do for Debian once they have passed through
the NM process[1] is to act as AM for two or three applicants.  In
that way, the queue will be cleared much more quickly than it would do
otherwise, freeing most of us to do "more useful" things for Debian
(like getting back to my coding ;-)

Thanks for the help!


[1] Both Dale and I appear to agree that they can become AMs once
    their AM has approved their application.  I haven't checked this
    with the DAM, though, so I've only emailed applicants who have
    passed through the DAM stage.


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