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Re: Debian policy on multimedia ?


> > A wiki could be useful for the more persistent kind of conversationneeded to pull the Debian Multimedia Policy together
>   Yes.  It is good for asynchronous work.  However, there will be
> need for some brainstorming sessions, lest the process become
> really slow.

Initial writeup is necessary so that we are on the same page.  I don't
have much clue with current video-related works.  Could you start up
some writeup on the to-be-policy on
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia ?

We'll try to document what we know as standard, and then discuss if
it's really a work-in-progress or something that everyone should
follow within Debian.

I'd expect the following kind of stuff to be documented.  If it's not
available, or it's not set in stone, that's what really needs
documenting, and maybe further work.

1. how input info is configured. For TV info, xawtv seems like the de
   facto standard, but I'm not sure if the configs are really used by
   mplayer etc.

2. how video input/output is routed. Are they done in ad-hoc manner or
 do we have /dev/videoX routing protocol?  do we have a /dev/zero
 input equivalent so that we can test? do we have a /dev/null output
 equivalent ?  do we have a pipe equivalent so that we can
 input-process-output with a chain of apps?

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