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Re: Debian on my tablet?

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 3:55 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:

> The `systems base address, i.e. where the RAM begins', I suppose it's the one
> from the tablet, not the pc.  If so, the command
>  $ extract-ikconfig zImage | grep PHYS_OFFSET
> should be given from within the tablet.

It doesn't matter where you run it, as long as you run it on the
zImage (compressed Linux kernel image) for the device, not the one for
your laptop. You should copy it from where it is stored on your device
or from LineageOS if it supports your device.

>  As suggested in the tutorial, I also looked for "System RAM" in
> /proc/iomem on the tablet.  There are two occurrences:
>  80000000-bbffffff : System RAM
> and
>  bd800000-becfffff : System RAM

At a guess I would say maybe 0x80000000.

Which device is it? If it is supported by LineageOS (the new name for
CyanogeMod) then you might be able to find the Linux kernel build
configuration for it in a git repository and then use that.

> Or maybe the system base address is the one of the computer?

Definitely not.



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