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Re: Contacting administrators of debian mirrors

On further investigation, it looks like all of these are my fault: "curl" by default doesn't handle HTTP redirects. Turning that option on makes all of these apparent errors go away.

This makes the source of my CI errors a mystery again, but perhaps whoever it was has coincidentally fixed their issue.

On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 7:18 PM Fergus Dall <sidereal@google.com> wrote:
I recently discovered issues with several public mirrors listed on debian.org and tried to get into contact with their administrators, but I was only able to find plausible email addresses for 2 out of 5 mirrors. Is there a standard way to get this information? Alternatively, can someone on this list get in contact with the mirrors below?

Details on the issue:

I have a CI build that (among other things) sets up a stretch image and tries to install some packages on it. For some time now it has been sporadically failing to download and verify gnome-user-guide version 3.22.0 (available at /pool/main/g/gnome-user-docs/gnome-user-guide_3.22.0-1_all.deb). The CI system uses the CDN at deb.debian.org to pick a mirror, so there wasn't any easy way to find the source of the corrupted package and eventually I decided to just check all the public mirrors for this file and see who's version differed. Note that I only checked this one file, there is every possibility that there are more corrupt files on these or other mirrors.

Contacted ftp-adm@acc.umu.se per the footer message on each page
This appears to be the primary mirror for both Finland and Sweden

Contacted ftpadmin@mpi-sb.mpg.de per the instructions at https://ftp.mpi-inf.mpg.de/pub/welcome.msg




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