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Re: About ftp*.cn.debian.org service

On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 12:15 AM, Emfox Zhou <emfoxzhou@gmail.com> wrote:
> Could we probably contact netease or aliyun, to sponsor our service in their
> names or other similar way, since they have already held debian mirrors?
> Because it will be meaningless to have a cn mirror outside China.
> If it is not a voilation of DFSG(I am not sure), I can try to contact them.

It is not about DFSG, but the domain name registration problem in
China, only the
domain name owner can submit domain name registration to the bureaucracy. but
Debian is not a Chinese entity, and it don't have a branch in China,
so nobody is
proper to deal with the registration.

L2 mirror is not affected, including mirrors.ustc.edu.cn.

Liang Guo

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