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Re: About ftp*.cn.debian.org service

On Mon, Oct 2, 2017, 12:02 AM Liang Guo <bluestonechina@gmail.com> wrote:

I'm not a subscriber of this mail list, please CC me.

According to Chinese regulation, all web services(listen on 80 and
443) should be register to government sector. For Debian is not a
Chinese entity, it may be not possible to complete such registration
legally. USTCLUG, the maintainer of ftp.cn.debian.org, anounced [1]
that ftp.cn.debian.org services is stoped. ftp2.cn.debian.org still
works but I think they will face the same problem.

I advice change ftp*.cn.debian.org dns record to other mirror site
outside Chinese mainland before the domain name registration problem
be resolved. so that our end user will not be affected by this

[1] https://servers.ustclug.org/2017/09/mirrors-stop-host-domians

Could we probably contact netease or aliyun, to sponsor our service in their names or other similar way, since they have already held debian mirrors? Because it will be meaningless to have a cn mirror outside China.

If it is not a voilation of DFSG(I am not sure), I can try to contact them.

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