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About ftp*.cn.debian.org service


I'm not a subscriber of this mail list, please CC me.

According to Chinese regulation, all web services(listen on 80 and
443) should be register to government sector. For Debian is not a
Chinese entity, it may be not possible to complete such registration
legally. USTCLUG, the maintainer of ftp.cn.debian.org, anounced [1]
that ftp.cn.debian.org services is stoped. ftp2.cn.debian.org still
works but I think they will face the same problem.

I advice change ftp*.cn.debian.org dns record to other mirror site
outside Chinese mainland before the domain name registration problem
be resolved. so that our end user will not be affected by this

[1] https://servers.ustclug.org/2017/09/mirrors-stop-host-domians-without-records/

Thanks and Regards,
Liang Guo

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