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Re: removing ftp:// from mirrors lists


Peter Palfrader wrote:
> talking to several mirror operators on IRC (including fewllow DSA
> members), I get the impression that a lot of us would appreciate if we
> could deprecate the FTP as a transport protocol.

I currently don't see why. It's a service some of our mirrors offer.
It doesn't hurt if it's there -- at least I can't find a reason why --
and it adds choice for our users.

I do see advantages of http over ftp (mainly the nice redirector at
http.debian.org), but for me that's no a reason to drop FTP.

And I would find it very awkward if all our primary mirrors are named
ftp.$country.debian.org but don't provide FTP access.

So IMHO if we really want to phase out FTP, we shouldn't start with
the mirror master list but with the scheme of mirror hostnames.

> I suggest we start by removing ftp:// links from the various mirror
> pages and from the mirror masterlist.

Like David I wonder why. Any explicit arguments for that change
besides "the impression that a lot of us would appreciate" it?

		Regards, Axel
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