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Re: removing ftp:// from mirrors lists

The latter is also used by the installer, AIUI.  -boot folks, can we
just go ahead and kill the *-ftp: entries from Mirrors.masterlist?
Do you have any objections or do you need some time before we do that?

On 15.04.16 09:26, Roberto Muñoz wrote:
Deprecate FTP means that in a near future we could not set up an FTP mirror
and/or use apt with ftp sources?
Because if tha is the case I don't agree with the change.

But if the change is only not to provide officially over FTP then is ok to

Of course I would not recomend do it without a previous warning and some
time to adapt to the new situation.

I agree here, however I would prefer to show users which servers do still
provide FTP access, and this thread is about removing FTP from mirror
lists (just the opposite)

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