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Re: Mirrorbrain demo instance for debian-cd?

> Now I did play around with mirrorbrain last weekend, and as a result I
> now have a running mirrorbrain instance. If there is interest from the
> debian mirrors team, I would be willing to run this as a demo for a
> debian-cd CDN. It would allow for evaluating if or how good this could
> work - and if it does, hopefully motivate someone to bring the
> mirrorbrain-packages into the standard debian repositories, which I've
> been told  is a prerequisite for it moving to proper DSA-maintained
> infrastructure at some point. Until then I would be willing to keep
> running it, [...]

While there was positive feedback from a few mirror admins, there was no
or negative feedback from the debian mirrors team on that offer. They
seem to hope that mirrorbrain will soon be packaged in debian and could
then run on debian infrastructure from the start. Considering that
packaging mirrorbrain in debian was first requested in 2009 and hasn't
happened since, I somehow doubt that, but I would gladly be proven wrong.

> The instance is currently running at ... and
> heavily castrated: I currently have added only about 15 mirrors to it,
> and all cronjobs that would regulary scan the mirrors for available
> files and whether they are alive are disabled, because I will simply not
> scan all mirrors in regular intervals without approval from the debian
> mirrors team.

Due to no approval, I will not turn this into a fully working demo
instance for debian-cd but shut it down.

> My tests
> up to now have already shown that it will not work as well for IPv6
> clients for two reasons: ASN/Subnet-data is not currently available as a
> free database for IPv6, so it cannot be used.

This has since been partially fixed and will hopefully be fixed upstream
in the next release of mod_asn too.

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