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Re: Mirrorbrain demo instance for debian-cd?

On 13932 March 1977, Michael Meier wrote:

Sorry for the delay in answering this, I was kind of hoping that one of
the other mirroradmins pick it up. :/

I do agree that $something nicer than the current page sure makes sense,
and would be happy to help get it into shape to eventually move to a
debian.org machine.
I think it should start similar to httpredir - that is, run elsewhere
with a debian.net domain for a while, and when it works out it gets
moved. That also gives time to get the softwarepackaged properly.

Now, on that: I'm happy to use my DD hat for sponsoring/mentoring a
package upload, getting the debian.net domain, use my mirror hat to give
input for the new instance, ... - but I won't be the one doing the
(main) work. Simply no time for it.

So if you, despite my late answer on this, are still prepared to do it,
are you prepared to go the full way, *possibly* ending up a DD (or at
minimum, DM for uploading mirrorbrain) and member of mirrors@
yourself? :)

> I think it is quite clear that ideally this page should most prominently
> contain a link to a download-redirector that automatically redirects the
> user to a mirror that
> a) is network-wise close to the user
> b) is currently up
> c) really has the file


> There is however existing software that does exactly what is needed for
> debian-cd, a very popular one is Mirrorbrain [2].

It's popular - does it mean its the best? What others are out there, did
anyone look and/or compare? I'm offline in train currently, so unable to
look for myself.

bye, Joerg

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