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Re: Juliano - Linorg - Mirror report

On Wed, 30 Oct 2013, linorg@usp.br wrote:
> Can you help me with this?

Sure, USP is even entitled local support if you ask nicely ;-)

>    Doesn't perform two-stages sync -> We use ftpsync according instructions on debian mirroring. Whats wrong?

1. Make sure you're using the latest version of ftpsync, and add procedures
to make sure you'll keep it up-do-date (release-based, it is not that safe
to always use the latest code in git).


New versions of ftpsync are announced in this list, anyway.

2. Make sure rsyncd is working well if your mirror provides rsync access
(which is always very nice to have, hint hint!).

3. Send us another mail after you got the other issues sorted, asking for a

>    Doesn't seem to support Range requests -> I don't know what is this?

http range requests:  Check your load-balancers, application firewalls and
reverse proxies, and also the web server.  This is RFC-2616, section 3.12,
14.35 and 14.16.

ftp range requests: use a properly configured ftp daemon with support for
the "REST" ftp verb (I believe vsftpd is a good choice for this, but I
didn't check).  ftp service is not that useful anymore due to its high
command and connection setup latency, http + rsync service is a lot more
important and has much higher usability.

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