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Re: ftpsync test please

On 12846 March 1977, Witold Baryluk wrote:

> Problem is what to do when I want to ADD option to the rsync option
> list, but not modify it.
> In ftpsync.conf it is mentioned:
> 4 times. I would rather would like not to touch RCYN_OPTIONS or
> RSYNC_OPTIONS1 and make sure that after upgrade they are as ftpsync
> maintainers wanted. However option like RSYNC_OPTIONS_APPEND="-4" or
> "-6" or "--ipv6" will save my lots of trouble, both in modifyng
> configuration as well handling ftpsync updates itself (by not touching default options).

Right. Point taken, I just added an RSYNC_EXTRA option. Will be empty by
default, can be set by the local admin. What you set there will end up
as the FIRST option on the rsync command line.

So it can be used to add stuff like -4/-6 or maybe temporarily a -c or
so, but one should ensure it doesn't conflict with one of the later
rsync options. (And it especially shouldnt be used for stuff like
--exclude on debian mirrors :) ).

> As of the architectures, I list few architectures I found in the wild:
> #ARCH_EXCLUDE="alpha amd64 avr32 arm armel armhf hppa hurd-i386 i386
> ia64 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 m32 m68k mipsel mips netbsd-alpha
> netbsd-i386 powerpc ppc64 powerpcspe s390 s390x sh sh4 sparc sparc64
> source"
> Some of this are not mentioned in ftpsync.conf.

Because the majority of them are not official architectures and as such
"aren't there", for all ftpsync cares. Also, setting these as
arch_exclude for Debian mirrors right now means you achieve nothing
except further complicating the rsync commandline (lots of --excludes
will get build up), as none of them CAN be excluded, as they arent there.

Some of them you find if you mirror debian-ports, some of them might
appear elsewhere. And yes, maybe one or two of them may appear in Debian
at some point.

> Some are not exising now or yet. But this is base list I use to exclude
> all, then I remove few I actually want to include like arm*, alpha,
> hurd-*, kfreebsd-*, powerpc, i386 and amd64.

Well. That is one reason (though a small one) why we want to switch to
inclusive syncing. You once say what you want, not always what you not

bye, Joerg
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