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Re: ftpsync test please

On 05-14 17:50, Povl Ole Haarlev Olsen wrote:
> On Mon, 14 May 2012, Witold Baryluk wrote:
> >On 05-01 01:03, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> >>at http://ftp-master.debian.org/users/joerg/ftpsync/ you can find a
> >>pre-release of the 80486 version of ftpsync.
> >I have one more wishlist. I currently using ftpsync, but need to connect
> >to upstream server using IPv6 because rsync over IPv4 is blocked on my
> >network. Because rsync doesn't know this, and assumes I have working
> >IPv4 and target server resolves to IPv4 it tries with IPv4, but timeouts
> >connecting to it. (EDIT: This is not longer the case apperently).
> >
> >I do not know why rsync didn't try IPv6 first (IMHO it should), so I was
> >forced to  manually add -6 flag to list of RSYNC options. In recent
> >rsync version it was fixed and rsync tries IPv6 if machine have IPv6
> >connectivity and target server have IPv6 and IPv4 records in DNS.
> >
> >Problem is what to do when I want to ADD option to the rsync
> >option list, but not modify it.
> Maybe it's a bit of a hack, but couldn't you use something like
>    RSYNC="rsync -6"
> as a workaround?
> I'm testing it right now and it seems to work for me.

Yes, indeed it is what I started using about month ago. :)


Witold Baryluk

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