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Re: ftpsync test please

On 05-01 01:03, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Hi
> at http://ftp-master.debian.org/users/joerg/ftpsync/ you can find a
> pre-release of the 80486 version of ftpsync.
> This contains some changes I am currently, due to time constraints,
> unable to test, and as such I don't want to release it. But then they
> are also important to get out to the world, so I ask for your help.
> If you run a mirror, please test if this version still works for
> you. That is, does your mirror still get updated? Or does the script
> break completly? Or fry your system?
> The changes since version 80386 include:
> - a few style fixes (yay)
> - a change in the way dists/ is handled. This should fix the user side
>   bug that apt downloads Translation files where the checksum doesn't
>   match what apt expects. (In the past the translation files haven't
>   been signed using the release files, so in the past apt had nothing to
>   check their validity with. Now we have, so we need to ensure that
>   those matching the Release file are actually what apt can get)
> - default values of TO, RSYNC_PATH and RSYNC_OPTIONS1
>   changed. RSYNC_OPTIONS1 due to the above, the others to adjust to more
>   common values on .debian.org hosts.
> - we no longer try to exclude boot floppies. Huh, yeah.
> - No longer have the whole work in a mainroutine() function. That change
>   has been in git for a long while, so I don't expect it to make trouble
> - Fix for a undeclared variable SSH_CONNECTION
> - We enhanced the trace files, to help http.debian.net along. They now
>   also include a list of the architectures that the mirror carries. And
>   they show which Upstream mirror is used.
> - Added a routine to the end of ftpsync, checking if there is a new
>   version of itself available. If so it will inform the admin about
>   it. To not flood you too much, this will only mail once every 3 days.
> While this sounds much, and the diff isn't exactly small, most of the
> changes have been tested via our git repository and our own usage of
> that on .debian.org hosts. So I don't expect/hope for much trouble, but
> please test.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> bye, Joerg
> <liw> er, *not* what I meant, is what I meant

I have one more wishlist. I currently using ftpsync, but need to connect
to upstream server using IPv6 because rsync over IPv4 is blocked on my
network. Because rsync doesn't know this, and assumes I have working
IPv4 and target server resolves to IPv4 it tries with IPv4, but timeouts
connecting to it. (EDIT: This is not longer the case apperently).

I do not know why rsync didn't try IPv6 first (IMHO it should), so I was
forced to  manually add -6 flag to list of RSYNC options. In recent
rsync version it was fixed and rsync tries IPv6 if machine have IPv6
connectivity and target server have IPv6 and IPv4 records in DNS.

Problem is what to do when I want to ADD option to the rsync option list, but not modify it.

In ftpsync.conf it is mentioned:


4 times. I would rather would like not to touch RCYN_OPTIONS or
RSYNC_OPTIONS1 and make sure that after upgrade they are as ftpsync
maintainers wanted. However option like RSYNC_OPTIONS_APPEND="-4" or
"-6" or "--ipv6" will save my lots of trouble, both in modifyng
configuration as well handling ftpsync updates itself (by not touching default options).

Despite fixed connection try order, it will still be usefull, for
example to try IPv4 first, despite having IPv6 (which in case of tunnels
could slower for example).

As of the architectures, I list few architectures I found in the wild:

#ARCH_EXCLUDE="alpha amd64 avr32 arm armel armhf hppa hurd-i386 i386
ia64 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 m32 m68k mipsel mips netbsd-alpha
netbsd-i386 powerpc ppc64 powerpcspe s390 s390x sh sh4 sparc sparc64

Some of this are not mentioned in ftpsync.conf.

Some are not exising now or yet. But this is base list I use to exclude
all, then I remove few I actually want to include like arm*, alpha,
hurd-*, kfreebsd-*, powerpc, i386 and amd64.

Witold Baryluk
JID: witold.baryluk // jabster.pl

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