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Wheezy package problems


I'm the admin of Costa Rica Mirror (mirrors.ucr.ac.cr) and for some reason I'm getting errors with the net install of Wheezy when it tries to access the repo.

in-target: Imposible obtener copy:/var/apt/lists/partial/mirrors.ucr.ac.cr_debian_dists_wheezy_main_i18n_Translation-eu Encountered a section with no Package: header
in-target: E
in-target: :
in-target: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

This error only appears with Wheezy but not with Stable (6.0). I tried changing the repo at instalation time and worked well, then I tried changing the Rsync target in Ftpsync config file, resync the repo and didn't work.

I think Ineed some help.

Manuel Delgado

Usuario Linux #520940

Bach. Computación e Informática
Universidad de Costa Rica

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