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Re: Looking for the feedback from mirror maintainers

On 12763 March 1977, Thomas Abthorpe wrote:

>> I really wonder why there should be any reason why we could forbid or
>> not allow that. It's free software after all, we all work for the same
>> idea and I don't suspect occasional source downloads causes remarkable
>> more traffic on our mirrors.
> While we all work for a better world in opensource, some feel if they
> donate resources or even money to a project, they think that only that
> project and it's client base should be entitled to it.  Which is why I
> have come around to asking these questions.

And besides all the points already mentioned (it might not be what
upstream gave out, it only ships whats actually in Debian, not any
version, ...), this here is the important thing: Any listed Debian
mirror is a donation to the project for the usage of Debian users.
Yes, most (if not all) mirror admins might be fine with whoever (not
limited to freebsd) also using them in this way, but thats not a thing
one can blindly assume - nor is it anything anyone in Debian can ever
tell you or give you permission to take as granted.

So the safe side here would be to only link to specific mirrors after
they allowed it.

WHich in turn means to not ever link to ftp.XX.debian.org - there is no
guarantee whatsoever that will always be the same mirror. In fact the
ftp.XX one change quite often - whenever we notice a problem on them
(outdated, unreachable, ...).

How you solve the link to a specific version on a Debian mirror is a
different topic then. Impossible - you would need to deal with
snapshot.debian.org for such a thing. And talk to the maintainers of
that. Which is actually a much smaller group to chat with. :)

Or - you start your own mirroring and keep the files you need on your
own servers/mirrors, then you have full control, best thing. :)

bye, Joerg
Bart, with $10,000, we'd be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of
useful things like...love!

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