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Re: Help with mirroring setup


On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 10:47:49AM -0500, Donald Norwood wrote:
> Curiously, one of the rsync errors I got earlier from the mirror at
> debian.fastweb.it, was:
> cat log/rsync-ftpsync.error.0
> rsync: opendir "/pool/main/libt/libtest-identity-perl" (in debian)
> failed: Permission denied (13)
> Which inspired my anon sync comment but is apparently unrelated.

permission issue at debian.fastweb.it side, admin in Bcc. 

Please use the recommended script, it fixes automatically permission issues
from upstream, perform the sync in a way the mirror is working even during

rsync debian.fastweb.it::debian/pool/main/libt/libtest-identity-perl/
rsync: link_stat "/pool/main/libt/libtest-identity-perl/." (in debian) failed: Permission denied (13)

Simon Paillard

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