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Re: ftp.es.d.o moved (was: rsync from ftp.es.debian.org not working)

El día 11 de noviembre de 2010 20:42, Simon Paillard
<spaillard@debian.org> escribió:
> Hi all,
> On Thu, Nov 04, 2010 at 10:45:44AM +0100, José Manuel Macías wrote:
>> On 11/3/10 10:39 PM, Jordi Funollet wrote:
>> > The mirror 'ftp.caliu.cat' runs rsync against 'ftp.es.debian.org'. Now this
>> > points to 'ftp.rediris.es' but rsync is not supported.
>> >
>> > As a short term workaround, we rsync from 'ftp.cica.es'. Is there any reason
>> > to not rsync from 'ftp.gul.uc3m.es'? I understand it was 'ftp.es.debian.org'
>> > some days ago, but the reasons for the change was not clear to me.
> ftp.gul.uc3m.es has been offline for some days some weeks ago, without notice
> from them, and no reply from them when requesting news etc.

Hello, I am the administrator of the ftp.gul.uc3m.es. We notice today
ftp.es.d.o dont point to us.
We have troubles for a week doubt to a failurer switch. It was solved
two weeks ago.
I have not notice about requesting news or any other information
petition. Where they were sent?

ftp.es.d.o can point to us again if you wish it. Our mirror is
currently perfectly active, synchronized and push mechanisn working.


P.S.: I read all info@gul.uc3m.es mail. The next time, please, contact
us using it.

> Then we switched to rediris, the main spanish mirror remaining, with
> unfortunately, as Jose explained below, cannot offer public rsync.
> ftp.es.d.o has now been moved (for a permanent basis) to ulises.hostalia.com
> which meets all our requirements (including rsync).
> => you can now do anonymous rsync on ftp.es.d.o
> Thanks to Rederis people for handling ftp.es during these last weeks, and
> ftp.gul.uc3m.es during years.
> Best regards.
>> available to institutions who ask) not listen in the standard port. I
>> have added ftp.caliu.cat to the list of permitted IPs, and you can rsync
>> now by using:
>> rsync --port 10873 rsync://ftp.es.debian.org/debian/
>> Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need access from other
>> machine(s) or have any further questions. Any other sites wanting to be
>> added to the ACL, please drop me a message.
> --
> Simon Paillard
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