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ftp.coe.psu.ac.th will not available during 5-6 Dec. 2010

Hi Simon,
	Our university computer center will have major electrical
reorganization from 5th Dec 2010 1900 GMT+7 to 6th Dec 2010 2000 GMT+7
(yes, 25 hours, but don't ask me why). During that period we will lost
internet connection. So our debian mirror ftp.coe.psu.ac.th which is
also ftp.th.debian.org won't be available.
	So could you please redirect ftp.th.debian.org to some other
mirror during that period, plus some hours (6 hours?) before we could
catch up with upper stream.

Best Regards,
Chatchai J (sysadmin@coe.psu.ac.th)

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