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ftp.us.debian.org mirror problem

The past few days I am sure that everyone has noticed that one of the
official mirrors has been suffering.  The address
associated with ftp.us.debian.org has been unresponsive.
The mirror status is currently showing a timeout for it.


I also notice the following.

  $ host ftp.us.debian.org
  ftp.us.debian.org has address
  ...others abreviated...


  $ host is an alias for 135.128-
  135.128- domain name pointer mirrors1.kernel.org.


  $ host mirrors1.kernel.org
  mirrors1.kernel.org has address

Is the mirror in the middle of a move and only partially done?  It
looks like it is betwixt and between networks.  Is there any
information available on the problem or expected resolution?


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