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Re: 404 on some pkgs - mirror ftp.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 01:44:18PM +0200, Ludovic Aelbrecht wrote:
> I've used the mirror ftp.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be for some time now. A
> couple years I already had problems like this, and now they're
> appearing again.

Indeed, it has not been updated (correctly) since 2nd June.

> I contacted the person whom I thought was responsible for this the
> previous time I had problems, on Oct 18, 2006, but never received a
> response - so I decided to try out this list this time. Hopefully it's
> the correct one.

It's the right one, thanks !
> I haven't used this mirror for a long time (because of these
> problems), but now that I use it again I started seeing this problem.
> I see this problem on several systems, and a colleague of mine had the
> same issue. What can be done about this?

We noticed the admin of ftp.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be some days ago, and are
waiting for an answer.

If we don't get a reply within a few weeks, this mirror will be removed
from the list.

Best regards.

Simon Paillard

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