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on corrupted files on mirrors: ftp.au.d.o (was: Bug#531154 / ftp.de.debian.org)

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 05:37:40PM +0200, Simon Paillard wrote:
> A short status:
> * rsync by default uses only modification time and file size to sync
>   files
> * ftpsync doesn't use rsync checksum by default
> * ftp.de.d.o (on top of many servers I guess) doesn't allow server
>   checksum because of the impact on system load.
> So as a consequence, if a file is corrupted (but mtime and size match)
> on a rsync server somewhere between ftp-master.debian.org and a debian
> mirror, fixing one primary rsync mirror is not enough.

Following this thread, Nicolas Aupetit (ftp.nc.d.o) noticed that
ftp.au.debian.org (mirror.linux.org.au) has some corrupted files:

pool/main/k/konwert/konwert_1.8-11_sparc.deb: FAILED
pool/main/k/konwert/konwert_1.8-11_alpha.deb: FAILED
pool/main/k/kdesdk/umbrello_3.5.5-3_hppa.deb: FAILED
pool/main/u/urlgrabber/urlgrabber_2.9.9.orig.tar.gz: FAILED
pool/main/libp/libpreludedb/python-preludedb_0.9.15.1-3_alpha.deb: FAILED
pool/main/c/connect.app/connect.app_0.1-4_mips.deb: FAILED
pool/main/c/connect.app/connect.app_0.1-4_hppa.deb: FAILED
pool/main/c/connect.app/connect.app_0.1-4_s390.deb: FAILED
pool/main/c/connect.app/connect.app_0.1-4_ia64.deb: FAILED
pool/main/m/muscletools/muscletools_2.1.0-2_sparc.deb: FAILED
pool/main/l/latex-sanskrit/latex-sanskrit_2.2-1_hppa.deb: FAILED
pool/main/l/latex-sanskrit/latex-sanskrit_2.2-1_m68k.deb: FAILED
pool/main/s/swedish/iswedish_1.4.4_mips.deb: FAILED
pool/main/s/subcommander/subcommander_2.0.0~b4-3_ia64.deb: FAILED
pool/main/t/tre/libtre-dev_0.7.3-1_sparc.deb: FAILED
pool/main/t/tre/libtre4_0.7.3-1_powerpc.deb: FAILED

=> Dear ftp.au.d.o people, you should fix these files then use method 1/
below so that your downstreams get fixed.
You can use
http://svn.inf.tu-dresden.de/repos/dms/trunk/dms_bump_filetime for
> The only ways to fix it are:
> 1/ on a rsync server with the fixed file: touch the modification time to
>    force resync on downstream mirrors
> 2/ on every downstream mirror with bad file: touch the modification time
> 3/ on every downstream mirror with bad file: delete the file
> Solution 2/ or 3/ can be automated by checking the MD5 sums of the whole
> archive on a periodic basis, then delete them:
> gunzip -c /path/to/debian/indices/md5sums.gz | LANG=C md5sum -c - 2>&1 | grep "FAILED$"

Adam has some scripts that md5sum only the newly updated files at

Best regards.

Simon Paillard

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