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Re: FTP timeouts while mirorring with debmirror

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
Klaus Klein <k.klein@gmx.de> writes:
Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
You do realize that debmirror supports a conffile, right?
Another well kept secret. :-(
It's not mentioned in 'man debmirror', 'info debmirror' nor 'debmirror
--help'. Did I miss anything?
'man debmirror.conf' doesn't give me any info about the content of a /etc/debmirror.conf or /$home/debmirror.conf (just found those within the perl code) either. :-(

Well worth mentioning it in 'man debmirror' and 'debmirror --help' ;-)

As a stab in the dark I would guess the ftpserver or your providers
proxy closes the connection silently after every X files on its own
and does not correctly reopen it.

Sounds reasonable.
I guess I start to investigate right there.

Why do you think that ftp is the worst protocol for debmirror?
Because it has to open a new data connect for every single file. For
small files the overhead of a tcp handshake is a killer.

Any chance to get a 'hash' like process indication with http?

Cheers, Klaus

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